How big data is reshaping business

One can spend a holiday in the tropics with relative ease and safety – of course, provided that you have sufficient funds to back your travel expenses. Airlines can now determine and schedule flights effectively, offer cut-throat ticket pricing, and even provide state-of-the-art inflight intelligence. The hospitality industry utilizes the data accumulated from years of […]

Data Catalog

Data Catalog: What is it, and why do we need it?    Offering the chance to improve how a company manages and maintains data quality will always be an easy sell. The importance of data quality has been steadily rising each year, and this trend will only continue. There are countless solutions that companies can utilize […]

Data Fabric

Data Fabric: Everything you need to know   The world of data is brimming with fancy jargon that is sometimes too complex, intertwined or has overlapping meanings. Enter Data Fabric. The term “data fabric” was believed to be coined in the early 2000s by Noel Yuhanna, a senior analyst and well-known technology research service provider from […]

Why is data governance so important?

What exactly is data governance?  Data Governance can be broadly defined as the processes set internally by a company to ensure data quality and how it is handled. Data governance strategies will include (but not be limited to) policies, standards, and systems in place that will align with the company’s data goals. The key targets […]

Data Integration 101

1.1 What is data integration?   As one of the pillars of data management, data integration focuses on extracting data from various disparate sources and combining it into a unified view. Data integration includes techniques like data cleansing, mapping, and data transformation. It transforms raw data into insights and ultimately enables analysis, reporting, forecasting, and data-driven […]

Data Lineage: Why Every Data Management System Needs It

What is data lineage? Data Lineage documents the flow of data through an organization, visualizing its journey and how it changes through each part of it. Important metadata information is used to determine its history, its future direction, and everything in between. As data lineage is used for tracking data from beginning to end, it […]

What is Data Masking?

1.1 What is data masking?  Data masking is a security technique that produces a phony but accurate copy of your organization’s data. In more technical terms, data masking is the act of anonymization, pseudonymization, redaction, scrubbing, or de-identifying sensitive data. In other words, data masking makes characteristically authentic replicas of personally identifiable information or other […]

5 Ways to Improve Data Quality

What is Data Quality?  Data Quality refers to the level to which a company’s data assets satisfy various metrics, most notably, completeness, accuracy, timeliness, consistency, and reliability. Following these metrics, companies can measure how well the data serves their needs.   The relevance of data in the business world has grown over the last decade or […]

ETL and its processes explained

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) is the process of integrating data from multiple sources and bringing it together into one central location. It is paramount for every business to utilize this technology effectively to harness the power that lives in the data accumulated across the organization and beyond.   The functionality of ETL is pretty straightforward. […]

What is metadata, and why does it matter?

1.1 What is Metadata?    The word “Meta” in the ancient Greek language meant “beyond,” “after,” or “behind.” The “beyond” sense of meta still lingers in words like metaphysics or meta-economy.” In simple terms, metadata is “data/information about data.” Metadata enables us to understand data’s structure, nature, and context.   Imagine any table filled with data (text […]