Customer Success Stories

Gwangju city

To prepare data-based scientific administrative service implemented data standard and data platform "TeraONE" to establish various data platform "TeraONE" and analyze various data platforms.


  • The limit of data utilization and utilization of data utilization
  • Data recycling limitations of data recycling limitations in data recycling limitations
  • Integrated information systematic analysis and integrated information system insufficient integrated information system
  • Basic data management limitations for the first response and objective policy repair


  • Build a big data platform (TeraONE™) based on a metadata management system (MetaStream™) to increase data utilization and improve quality
  • Integrated data distributed data distributed to 155
  • Build a portal that can be analyzed and analyzed


  • Quality improve quality improvement and metadata system (MetaStream™)
  • Integrated data that are distributed to 155 information systems and define the standard of domain classification and use
  • Implementation management management management through metadata system (Met Dream™)