Customer Success Stories

Gwangju Fire Safety Headquarters

We established and consulted a standardized big data analysis system in the field of fire safety, discovered analysis tasks, and trained big data analysis experts.


  • It is necessary to develop a big data standard platform and establish a system that can be used for big data analysis
    • It is necessary to establish a standard platform for fire fighting big data analysis to establish effective countermeasures for accidents that can be predicted through scientific and systematic analysis and to discover analysis tasks
    • A Standard Big Data Analysis Model Based on Fire Statistics
    • Develop various service policies
    • Strengthen real-time monitoring and monitoring systems to establish a foundation for preemptive response in the event of a crisis


  • Building Big Data Systems
  • Derive big data-based prediction models
  • Expert training in analysis experts


  • Building a Big Data Standard Analysis System
    • Create an intuitive and flexible analysis system environment that allows field personnel to derive their own analysis results
    • Perform various analyses using advanced statistical and analysis algorithms, such as analysis of trends in regional first aid factors, analysis of causes by type of first aid case, and analysis of candidate sites for new first aid centers
    • Discovery of new insights linking fire fighting data with external data (such as weather information)
  • Improved arrival rate and cardiac arrest patient resuscitation rate within paramedic golden time
    • Firemen locate fire trucks and ambulances in real time, use big data analysis to establish cardiac arrest vulnerable areas and derive impact factors, analyze rescue team golden time, and provide additional resources and personnel for vulnerable areas
    • Resolving regional transport imbalances by strengthening cardiac arrest treatment facilities in vulnerable areas
  • Visualization of analysis results
    • Provide analysis results screen such as analysis by first aid time zone, comparative analysis by first aid activity, and analysis of causes by first aid dog
    • Provides a screen to profile rescue/emergency accident scenes
  • Training big data analysis experts
    • Train practitioners to train big data experts to freely analyze and derive insights on various first aid topics