Customer Success Stories

KB Kookmin Bank

For the first time in the financial sector, KB Kookmin Bank has established a user-centered data governance portal service. Even if you don't know much about IT, you've led the entire project based on metadata and data flow management technology so that anyone in the field can access and utilize the data they want when they need it.


  • Set the foundation for data assetization and asset measurement
  • Establish a new data acquisition system and strengthen data utilization
  • Establish data management standards by purpose (goods/services) and improve data accessibility
  • Provide information and establish data governance guidelines for monitoring data misuse


  • Establish a data flow management system and align with data portal services through the introduction of our solution Q-Track
    • Implementation of comprehensive information, flow search, column flow search, program search, ETL, work flow chart, etc


  • Improve historical visibility and utilization of data through data portal deployment
    • Visually support implementation by linking business meta to IT meta-systems that we built just before this business
    • Enable visibility of data across banks, groups/departments at a glance using business metrics
  • Increase data utilization and improve search environment based on data flow information management technology
    • Build an Elastic Search infrastructure and visualize the flow of data from generation, loading and utilization of data with our Q-Track™ solutions
    • The flow management system, which was built around the information world in 2015, was upgraded and the product processing system was newly developed through this project
    • Secure server/DB redundancy configurations
  • Establish data management measures
    • Provides information for monitoring data misuse and helps establish data governance guidelines