Customer Success Stories


KEB Hana Bank (Korea Exchange Bank)


  • Conversion of mainframe and IMS HDB required
  • Two-way processing of ETL
  • Batch-time processing of large amounts of data

What to do

  • Convert mainframe data to data in a UNIX environment – Data size: 1 to 1.5TB.
  • Various data conversion and processing support such as Korean conversion Account System Batch, EDW ETL, Information System ETL, and Batch – 200GB of daily change data from account system to new ODW, within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Processing and forwarding data from the DM&Sub System and ETL new information systems to multiple marts through EDW servers (Data HUB) (EUC, KPI, RISK Management, IFRS, Basel II).

Introduction Effect

  • Information system DW batch was performed within 6 hours and loaded with DM (Data Mart) simultaneously.
  • Support for interactive ETL between current ODW, new ODW, and EDW.
  • Data processing with a variety of business logic; used across areas of data integration.