Customer Success Stories

Korea angro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation

It has completed the establishment of a platform that allows internal and external environmental analysis, task-derived consulting, and large-scale food transaction data collection, processing, and statistical analysis to revitalize cyber trading by the Korea Agro-Food Distribution Corporation.


  • Deriving pilot data analysis tasks
  • Establishment of a statistical platform for collecting, refining, accumulating, and analyzing food transaction data
  • Visualization Implementation


  • Development of internal and external environmental and current status analysis (consulting) and data analysis pilot tasks through our company’s big data experts
  • Support information analysis and exchange activation through the collection and purification of food transaction data through the introduction of TeraStream™


  • Consulting to derive statistical analysis tasks
    • Demand Survey for Internal and External Environmental Analysis and Data Analysis
    • Derive four short-term propulsion analysis tasks (Provide consumption pattern analysis information to suppliers, schools and related organizations, manage supplier ratings, detect collusion bids through supplier bidding history analysis, link and status analysis)
    • Development of a Data Analysis Model
  • Helps build and visualize data analytics marts
    • Analysis of the requirements of the user class (school, education office, local government, manager, etc.) for the collection of food transaction data and utilization of information
    • Clearly designed business objectives and themes to enable multi-dimensional analysis of data to reflect the needs of field users
    • Supports data mart construction and visualization screen configuration by 6 topic areas for 733 tables
  • Data quality diagnosis
    • Performing data quality diagnosis and suggesting improvement measures for maintaining high quality data