Customer Success Stories

Korea Data Agency

We have established an integrated data safety zone operation system by introducing the big data platform "TeraONE" to experience and analyze unopened public and private data in a safe environment, which is useful but difficult to use due to related regulations.


  • Lack of data and knowledge to analyze, difficult to utilize infrastructure for analysis, etc
  • It is necessary to create an environment where useful data can be accessed in a safe analysis environment to promote data-based development and encourage data transactions in earnest
  • It is necessary to establish public data opening policies and enhance the value of private data utilization by providing an experience space for analyzing and utilizing unopened data, which is difficult to use due to data-related regulations


  • Introducing DataStreams’ Big Data Platform (TeraONE™)
  • Create data sets for 11 categories: healthcare, finance, logistics/distribution, transportation, etc
  • Effectively collect data from data sets to enable different big data analytics and utilization


  • Efficient Data Utilization with Big Data Platform
    • Quickly and effectively store private/public data collected for each catechory in Datalake via the TeraONE platform in Datastreams
    • Support for data processing and production in a form that can be analyzed and utilized within the safe zone
  • Establishing a metadata standard management system and conducting data quality diagnosis
    • Establishment of Meta Management System for Data Information Management
    • Conduct data quality diagnosis on structured data among collected data and provide diagnostic results to institutions to be collected to ensure high-quality data supply and demand
  • Performing Big Data Analytics Challenges
    • Based on the secured unopened data, analysis tasks such as bus route improvement, selection of additional necessary areas, selection of candidate sites for public parking lots, and analysis of commercial districts to revitalize the local economy are performed