Customer Success Stories

Financial supervisory servise

We have established a big data platform that can integrate and analyze internal data such as business reports, approval documents, and external data such as SNS and news.


  • Need to manage internal big data
    • Need integrated and systematic management of vast amounts of data generated and accumulated in the floor
  • Establishment of Big Data Analysis System
    • Development of data mining and analysis systems suitable for the service characteristics and IT environment of the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute
  • Internalization of big data utilization technology
    • Provide optimal strategies and solutions for internalizing big data and support related technologies


  • Building a Big Data Pilot System
    • Build an open, Hadoop-based framework environment with real-time and large-capacity batch processing
    • Apply Big Data Governance
    • Apply a variety of analytical techniques
  • Big Data Consulting
    • Technical support and training for big data environment analysis and technology internalization
  • Construction of a pilot project
    • Perform two pilot tasks
    • Application and validation of various analytical models for pilot projects


  • Building a Hybrid Big Data Platform
    • Building a hybrid big data platform with open source around TeraStream for Hadoop and TeraONE, our big data solutions
  • Analyze source data and business environment based on requirements
    • Collect various internal and external data and load them into big data analysis systems to develop 13 types of analysis algorithms
    • It is used for resolving CD/ATM shaded areas, efficient relocation of CD/ATM, tracking abnormal behavior and suspicious transactions, and predicting transaction volume by bank/region
  • Derive a variety of business insights
    • View customer service usage patterns through CD/ATM installation and transaction status insights, enhance customer customized service and prevent deviations
    • Redeploy CD/ATM in shaded and competitive areas to lay the foundation for establishing a cost-efficiency system
    • Tracking abnormal CD/ATM usage and suspicious transaction accounts, and preventing financial fraud crimes such as voice phishing and Internet fraudulent transactions
    • Prevent misuse of CD/ATM by identifying the flow of money transactions and intensively monitoring accounts suspected of fraudulent use such as money laundering