Customer Success Stories

Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute

To strengthen the competitiveness of the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute's value-added business network (VAN), we have completed the establishment of various analysis environments and visualization of internal and external big data through our experts.


  • Preventing the departure of VAN business customers and securing customers
  • Strengthen business competitiveness and ensure reliability of analysis results for customer service
  • Gain effectiveness of portal and visualization services for analytics services


  • Fast collection of internal and external associated data with TeraStream™
  • Configuring a Big Data System Environment Optimized for Analytics and Visualization Implementation
  • Analyze big data and design services
  • Establish a portal site that provides intuitive visibility into the results of the analysis


  • Build a platform based on reliable data analytics
    • Configures a system environment optimized for rapid analysis and visualization of large amounts of data
    • Collection, loading and preprocessing of source data
  • Service design and development through big data analysis
    • Data mart design and external associated data collection
    • Development of models and analysis algorithms to utilize source data and collected external data from the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute
    • Development of 6 types of management services that provide a quick view of the merchant’s business status
    • Development of 8 types of analysis services that can provide insights to dealerships through data analysis and machine learning-based prediction technologies (Attraction analysis, weather analysis, excellent merchant management analysis, franchise departure analysis, franchise sales analysis, regional oil price information, gas station visit customer analysis, etc.)
  • Big Data Portal Configuration and Visualization Implementation
    • Establishment of portal site for intuitive visualization of pilot project results
    • Provides data search capabilities, dashboards, and different types of visualization reports