Customer Success Stories

Establishment of a big data platform for the Korean Racing Authority


  • Lack of standardized data management systems and lack of control management​
  • Lack of sharing and utilization of relevant information and statistical performance​
  • Lack of rapid decision support system​
  • Insufficient data integration management for the use and application of the latest nformation technology trends such as big data and public data opening​


  • Establishing metadata for standard data production, operation, and utilization ​
  • Establishment of a quality control system for quality control of common data ​
  • Establishing a big data service platform for integrating, analyzing, and sharing enterpriseta ​
  • Establishment of a big data-based pilot service model discovery environment (based on openI provision) ​


  • Act as a catalyst for creating new value by creating a work environment that can analyze large amounts of data​
  • Support quick decision-making through multidimensional analysis such as management and business status
  • Through standards and quality management from an enterprise data governance perspective​
  • Ensuring data accuracy and management efficiency​
  • Finding new business models and new business opportunities through the results of collecting, refining, and analyzing large-capacity horse racing data