Customer Success Stories

Financial supervisory servise

We have established a big data platform that can integrate and analyze internal data such as business reports, approval documents, and external data such as SNS and news.


  • Establishing a big data platform infrastructure that is essential for big data analysis and utilization
  • eed to provide customized services using machine learning techniques for analyzing customer behavior and achieving optimal revenue goals
  • Establish a safety management system by collecting, analyzing, and utilizing defects, obstacles, and human error causes, frequency, etc. in the technical field


  • Building a Big Data Integration Platform Infrastructure
    • Build a hardware server for data collection, storage, processing, and analysis
    • Develop (or customize) solution packages such as collection/storage, BI portal, professional visualization tools, unstructured data analytics, etc
    • Win-Back and Data Transfer from the Original Operating System (TORAS) to Cloudera→ TeraONE
  • Big Data Consulting
    • Standardize structured and unstructured data and build an integrated DB in conjunction with existing system
    • Link internal data such as ticket reservation and KOVIS, and link public data such as weather and tourism OpenAPI
    • Correlation analysis and regression analysis and machine learning techniques are applied
    • Development of analysis algorithms and data visualization for decision making
  • Perform a variety of analysis activities
    • Analysis of service usage history and log data by member
    • Deriving optimal revenue targets considering the attributes of each day and major transportation issues
    • Integrated Safety Analysis in Safety and Technology


  • Build a platform based on reliable data analytics
    • Provides an automation foundation for data collection, storage, and transformation
    • Establishing a permanent data standard management framework
    • Establish a safety management system to prevent defects, obstacles, human errors, etc
  • Maximize utilization by providing customized services
    • Understand the requirements of each user of the Korea Railroad Corporation accurately
    • Build customized analytics services to meet user specific requirements
  • Sustainability/scalability with big data analytics infrastructure
    • Establishment of effective analysis system for continuous use in the work of Korea ailroad Corporation
    • Build a scalable system with new data collection and analysis in mind in the future