Data Integration

Our high-performance enterprise data integration solution can be used to extract, transform and load various data formats.
With an efficient, easy-to-use drag-and-drop GUI environment, users can effortlessly process large volumes of data.​


  • TeraStream is a high-performance GUI-based enterprise data integration solution that can extract, (prepare), transform (convert), and load (distribute) large volumes of data. ​​
  • TeraStream supports connections to diverse databases, and features a built-in extraction engine (FACT) and sorting engine (CoSort™), enabling you to process more data in less time, saving money and resources. With operations such as reformatting, sorting, joining, merging, and group by already available.
  • TeraStream also supports transformation scheduling, version control, monitoring and unified metadata management to improve your user experience.

High Performance​

TeraStream supports the splitting of large data sets into smaller subsets that are processed simultaneously to ensure high-speed integration and processing.


Monitor the ETL processes and files in real-time or examine job history logs in the solution UI and on the web-based version.

Ease of use ​

TeraStream eliminates the need for coding by specifying data sources/targets and the rules for extracting, accessing and loading data.

User-friendly Environment ​

TeraStream is Graphical User Interface-focused (GUI) and offers a visual flow of the system’s logic, enabling the specification of rules using a drag-and-drop interface to visualize the flow of data in a process.

Team-based Development ​

TeraStream allows team-based, simultaneous development for collaboration on integration projects, including associated version control and user authority management features.​


With TeraStream’s job scheduling function, you can choose to execute ETL tasks immediately, at a specified time, or periodically. You can also modify, delete, execute and terminate scheduled tasks.​
Transform vast amounts of data​
Efficiently integrate apps and APIs​
Reduce overheads​

Customer Success Stories

KEB Hana Bank (Korea Exchange Bank)

KEB Hana Bank’s (Korea Exchange Bank) account and intelligence data processing

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If you would like to know more about one of our products and how they can help your business, click below and get in touch.