Customer Success Stories

Seoul Transportation Corporation

In addition to providing integrated management of vast amounts of data generated in and out of the company by building a big data platform at Seoul Transportation Corporation, it also generated various types of data analysis reports to enable data-based policy establishment and decision-making.


  • Need to manage internal big data
    • Need integrated and systematic management of vast amounts of data created and accumulated on-premises


  • Building a Data Governance-Based Big Data Analysis Platform
  • Support for a variety of analytics algorithms
  • Support for analytics application development environments
  • Analyze the big data environment and establish strategies for discovery and deployment of analysis tasks
  • Building a Big Data Pilot Task


  • Building a Flexible Big Data Platform
    • Create a flexible big data platform that integrates data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization for systematically managing a variety of internal and external data
    • Can scale to future data governance frameworks
  • Accurate and rapid collection of external web information
    • Unstructured data collection through SNS APIs such as Twitter and Facebook
    • Support for a variety of
    • Enable reliable systems management
  • Natural language processing engine
    • Natural language processing engine enables content and user query analysis within the target site
  • Building an Automatic Classification System for Complaints Using AI-Based Machine Learning
    • Reduce administrative power through automatic classification of civil petitions
  • Generate reports in different formats
    • Create a variety of reports to match the data format and easily communicate the key content you want to deliver to users to help you make decisions